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From Man to Woman - A Gender Swap Story (Waking up a Woman, #14)

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Terrance never cared much about how women felt - he's in it for the game, for the inevitable score. Sure, sometimes things go sour afterwards, but that's not his problem. Maybe he'll worry about relationships some day, but for now, he's just having fun, consequences be damned.

Except one day, the consequences ARE damned.

He's not really sure what the girl was, a witch or something else. All he knows is that he upset the wrong woman - and know he's been stricken with a strange, all-consuming spell that has transformed his very flesh...

...into that of a woman!

Now Terrance is Terri - and she has to come to terms with her new body, along with the sudden attention she's getting from her former frat brothers! 

This erotic gender swap story contains body transformation, sexual exerimentation in a woman's body, and more!



Terri glanced around the room and saw the cup the girl had been drinking from earlier: the girl whose name Terrence hadn’t cared to remember. The one who had caused this insane change. Her head still spun with the suddenness of it all.

She was just thinking of running off to grab a drink of water when the bathroom door cracked open again, revealing a trim, athletic guy wrapped in a large, orange towel. Holding the heavy sheet around his narrow hips, he rubbed his wet hair and smiled bashfully.

“Sorry! I wonder if it would be too much if I borrowed some of your cousin’s clothes.”

Terri’s jaw dropped. From under long eyelashes she gazed at the incredibly sexy person before her. His muscles wrapped around his thin body like a finely-tuned machine, his bones revealing a perfect, male physique. Terri found herself licking her lips as she watched some stray water droplets fall from his black hair, splashing onto his curved shoulders, and trailing past his clavicle, the small streams dragging her attention down to the rest of his body as he stood before her, clad only in a towel. Something in the back of her mind urged her to regain control, a deep voice screaming that she wasn’t really a woman and should not have found the man attractive. But another part of her, a much more potent compulsion, made her pat the mattress to her left, inviting the gorgeous man to sit beside her.

His eyebrows rose in surprise and he wandered toward her cautiously. “Shouldn’t I put some clothes on first?”

Terri shook her head, a girlish giggle escaping her lips. She felt like an entirely different person. The memory of Terrence was suddenly so far away. She was excited, nervous. She was experiencing emotions she couldn’t even have imagined in her male form.

“I want you next to me.. As you are right now.”

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