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Gender Swap Mega-Bundle: A Six Book Erotic Gender-Bending Collection (Waking up a Woman, #9)

143 pages2 hours


Enjoy six sultry stories of men being transformed into women, and all the strange, sexy scenarios that follow! 

These men are about to get more than they bargained for: whether it be potent elixers, bizarre viruses, or powerful curses, each of them wakes up the next day to discover they have become beautiful young women, complete with all the sexual needs and forbidden desires that accompany such a transformation!

Contains the following six tales of gender-bending adventures:

1. From Bro to Ho

2. From Playboy to Maneater

3. From Man-Beast to Babe

4. From Husky to Hottie

5. From Brutish to Buxom

6. From Boy to Toy

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