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Special Delivery

Special Delivery

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Special Delivery

5/5 (3 ratings)
178 pages
3 hours
Jun 28, 2013


                  She's got MALE!

Sexy romantic comedy at its best! Enjoy a plot and dialogue that will leave you breathless with laughter and a sensual love story that will leave you just plain breathless!

After filling in to deliver a belly-gram for an injured employee, Roxanne Murdoch finds herself stranded with newly appointed bank vice-president Bram Tyler during a violent blizzard for three days.

As the temperature drops outside, the sexual tension heats up inside. Enjoy verbal sparring at it's best and a sensual romance that will make your turn on the air conditioning.

Roxanne and Bram are the only two characters in site - except of course for Aunt Mathilda!


NOW - you can enjoy the erotic-voiced duo of award-winning narrators Destiny Landon and Lee James plus original music and stunning effects turn Special Delivery into one of the hottest audio books ever! 

Jun 28, 2013

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Special Delivery - Elaine Raco Chase


What the reviewers are saying about Elaine Raco Chase -

Just reading the summary of this book makes you really want to read it. I love that. I was hooked from the synopsis. I’ve read a couple books by Elaine Raco Chase and they were just as amazing as this one. She is a very talented author. This book is very well written and I love the details. This story is hilarious in some parts. Well written and clever. (Caught in a Trap)

It's not often I find a story with characters that are well rounded and realistic. I can recommend this story as one of the better written Indy books I've come across. (Double Occupancy – on FB's Top 50 books to read after FSOG for over 2 years!)

Wow! Just absolutely Wow! I read this book in one night, I was so taken by the characters. This book was beautifully written, and the characters are so easy to fall in love with. My heart melted in an instant and I giggled so much through this book. Amazing read! (Rules of the Game – Voted #1 Erotic Romance by Turning Pages)

"One of my must have's in any book is a plot - preferably one that has sharp-witted characters who are smart, independent and feel real. Elaine Raco Chase did not disappoint in creating the characters to exist within the world of design, architecture and luxury developments.

While there are two billion how-to articles on creating dialog that is both paced properly and sounds believable, Elaine has a book, full of dialog: fast paced, snarky, funny, businesslike, casual, even sexy. And it ALL sounds like a conversation you could overhear at any time, in many situations. That technique alone makes the book a worthwhile read - that it is combined and integrated into a tightly written, fast paced and sexy story makes this worth every one of the 5 stars." (Designing Woman)

I must admit that I hated Noah for the first part of the book. What he did was beyond rotten and I cried. Then I caught a clue that later turned into fact. I now love Noah and I loved him with Marlayna. Funny, sexy read and now I am spending all my money on more books by this author. (Lady be Bad)

A MUST READ!! Beautiful story about a girl who has been broken inside...or so she believes. I'm so glad I read this book. It was so moving! As you read this book you will laugh maybe even cry a little but you will find yourself falling in love with all the characters in this book! You will be pulled into the story as it captures not only your attention but your heart! (One Way or Another is a Classic Retro-Read and not updated)

"No Easy Way Out is a true Cinderella story!! Virginia is a highly intellectual woman with her Ph.D. She buries herself in her work and has no fun life at all! Her friends talk her into attending a masquerade ball and she meets Prince Charming who is dressed like a bandit and she is dressed like a sexy bunny! Well they have a very hot time on the balcony and when the clock strikes midnight she runs off in true Cinderella fashion! When she returns to work, you guessed it ...the bandit turns out to be one of her co-workers!! What follows is loaded with fun, trickery, love and lots and lots of laughs! (No Easy Way Out is a Classic Retro-Read – not updated)

"With a touch of sophistication, plenty of sizzling sex, and a liberal dose of humor, Special Delivery poses the age-old question: Is there such a thing as love at first sight? After reading Roxanne and Bram's story, I'm thinking there is."

Again, Elaine Raco Chase creates dialogue that repeatedly reinforces my belief that hers is some of the best I have read (or heard). There is humor, snark and gorgeous descriptions that place you in the wilds of Montana, with the never fail to amuse stops in the action. There is steam, there is swearing, and most of all - this is a feel good book that will have you laughing and smiling throughout. (Dare the Devil)

This book has a fantastic storyline about a strong business woman who is feeling unchallenged in her life choice. Her best friend wants to help in more ways than one! The author has an exceptional way with the written word and the characters are well described and very interesting. I enjoyed this book immensely and will read more by this author in the future. (Best Laid Plans)

What a hoot this story is as our heroine leads Daniel on a merry chase of is she or isn't she?" But, though our hero may be infatuated, his ability to see through Vixen/Victoria's façade is a little clearer than either of them anticipated. Video Vixen is a bird's-eye view of the workings behind the scenes of a daytime soap, and it has a very authentic feel, giving the whole story credibility. With a lot of humor and a touch of food for thought, Elaine Raco Chase has created an excellent read, especially for those who love a good soap opera. And don't we all?"

Many romances are based on: attraction/lust/something 'clicking' at first sight. And these two have it, in spades. Rob is very much like my teenager, instant 'love' of anyone and it the new girl in school or a Wii game. Fast, fractious, and then I'm hit with who? Loved the story, loved the well-defined characters, loved the teenager - it's such a dialogue heavy book it would make a great TV movie. (Calculated Risk)

Note: Unless marked as Retro-Reads...all eBooks have been updated! And all are available as audiobooks from and iTunes

Special Delivery

(Romantic Comedy)


Elaine Raco Chase

Published by Elaine Raco Chase



Elaine Raco Chase

Published By: Elaine Raco Chase

Previously print published.

Copyright © eBook edition 2011 Elaine Raco Chase updated

From the Original Dell Ecstasy Edition © Elaine Raco Chase – updated for eBook

eBook License Notes

All Rights Reserved

This eBook may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission of the author

This eBook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only.  This eBook may not be re-sold or given away to other people.  If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each person you share it with.  If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then you should return to and purchase your own copy.  Thank you for respecting the author’s work.

All of the characters in this book are fictitious.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.  They are product of the author's imagination and used fictitiously.

Chapter One

When the telephone beeped five minutes before closing time on Friday, Roxanne hesitated only a fraction of a second before lifting the receiver. Greetings and salutations, how may I help you? her husky contralto bid an engaging welcome across the line.

Miss...Miss Murdoch this is Leah, Leah Chang. Oh, I am so sorry about this.  I...I just get this job with you and I – I’ve made such a mess of everything. Please...please give me another chance? the young woman’s words were a jumbled, rapid staccato.

Slender fingers tightened their grip on the red phone. Calm down, Leah, Roxanne ordered, her voice matching her directive. Three vertical lines interrupted the smoothness of her forehead as she tried to decipher the unusual background noises. Where are you?

University Hospital. The emergency room, she answered, ever-increasing sniffles punctuating each statement. Then Roxanne heard her pull the receiver away.  Will you please wait a minute, I’m talking with my boss. Don’t you think I know the damn thing’s broken!

What did you break, Leah?

Well, Miss Murdoch, at the moment it feels like everything, the University of Minnesota student sniffled again, then hiccupped, but according to the x-rays it’s my left arm and my right ankle.

Roxanne winced. Despite the warm air blowing from the heat registers in the wooden floor, a sudden chill transversed her spine, making her shoulders bunch beneath the double-breasted gray flannel suit jacket. How on earth did that happen?

It’s snowing and icy and I lost my footing while I was trying to board the bus to come to work, Leah grumbled. My own fault.  I was late and I was running and not wearing boots and now –

Do you need your employee’s group insurance number? Her boss inquired, fingers immediately twisting the black knob on the Rolodex to the letter I.

No. No. That’s not the problem, that’s not why I called. Miss Murdoch, I’m supposed to deliver a message at six o’clock, only I’ll be wearing plaster of Paris instead of... The young woman’s voice again turned away to argue with someone else.

Leah! Leah! Roxanne managed to regain her employee’s attention. Don’t worry. I’ll find someone else to deliver it. You just cooperate with the doctor and relax. Your job will be waiting for you. She smiled at the responding sigh of relief. What about transportation back to your dorm?

I called my boyfriend. Todd’s coming for me. We were going to ski in the New Year this weekend but now... her teariness had returned, accompanied by a symphony of hiccups. They’re wheeling me away. I’m sorry about this, Miss Murdoch. I- I should have been more carefullll.... The last syllable of the word faded into the distance and became permanently terminated by the dial tone.

Roxanne eyed the schoolroom-style clock over the office door. She had an hour to go until six but only thirty minutes at the most to find a replacement for Leah Chang. Her capable fingers stroked through the plump telephone index file before moving to press in the numbers of the Beta House sorority. Eight long rings later someone finally answered.  I’d like to speak to Suzy Lewis.

Sorry, she went to Florida for the holidays.

How about Debbie Capshaw? came Roxanne’s hopeful inquiry.

According to this list posted on the bulletin boards, she’s at Squaw Valley.

Clear-glossed nails tap-danced over the desk’s scratched wooden surface while Roxanne inquired after ten other students. She was chagrined to discover her regular stable of student employees had departed the Twin Cities in search of either southern sun or a winter skiing wonderland.

This is Christmas vacation, lady, four days before New Year’s, the woman grated in annoyance. You’re lucky I even picked up this phone. I’m only hired to clean up the mess these girls leave, not to be their answering service.

Once again, Roxanne Murdoch found her ear assaulted by a rude bang and serenaded with a monotone hum. Let’s advance to alternate plan B, she murmured, and starting at the beginning of the alphabet called the various theater groups whose members she had often hired.

After encountering a succession of unanswered telephones and the end of her Rolodex, Roxanne acknowledged the futility of her efforts. The last week of the year seemed to be the least inhabited one in Minneapolis. Alert brown eyes watched the hands on the clock persistently click away precious minutes before shifting to stare at the framed poster on the pseudo-hickory-paneled wall.

A cuddly looking King Kong-size gorilla with a smiling clown clutched in one monster hand and pastel balloons in the other grinned at Roxanne. The printed copy read:

When you want to send a memorable message, call Greetings and Salutations. Select from over one hundred original, professional, funny musical performances. We guarantee to deliver anything the law allows – twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year!

The word guarantee bloated to gigantic proportions in Roxanne’s mind. The smile that curved her full lips was reciprocated in her eyes. In the four years since she had become a successful entrepreneur and started Greetings and Salutations, the guarantee had never been forfeited. Why, her company was more dependable that the US postal service–neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor hail nor broken ankle...and she wasn’t about to default now.

Palms flattened on the desktop, Roxanne pushed out of the red posture chair. Emergency alternative now in effect. Her audible mandate fell on the shoulders of the only person populating the small back office–herself!

Sure, she hadn’t personally delivered a message in over two years. But in the beginning, during those lean days that were riddled with doubts and misgivings, Roxanne had sung her way through hundreds of balloon-o-grams, danced and juggled greetings as a clown, and lumbered through many a restaurant as a gorilla in a tuxedo. She had been a leprechaun, an Easter bunny, a fairy godmother, a dancing birthday cake, and ninety percent of the Disney cartoon characters.

All it took was a positive attitude, a hefty dose of self-confidence, and a thick skin, to succeed and overcome the risk of failure and initial feelings of embarrassment. Every message was delivered with an attitude of good clean fun; nothing tasteless or illegal. Her ethical standards were high, and the greetings were certainly more remembered than any store-bought or virtual card.

Business had boomed courtesy of a newspaper feature article, a local TV interview program, word-of-mouth,

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What people think about Special Delivery

3 ratings / 1 Reviews
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Reader reviews

  • (5/5)
    Audio Book Review!
    Elaine Raco Chase’s work is perfectly suited to the audiobook form, her conversation is so alive, so quick witted and responsive that you will feel as if you are overhearing the interaction from your seat. This book flips the traditional “romance” feel on its ear: Bram is the one who is open, direct and first to admit to being smitten with Roxanne. While Roxanne is more reserved, dragging her Pullman car of baggage and fear from her last relationship forward.

    Bram is the vice president of the bank that extended Roxanne a loan for her business: telegrams delivered in costume. When her employee couldn’t make her assignment, Roxanne steps in to fill the appointment: a Belly-Gram that the employees of the bank have ordered to celebrate Bram’s new promotion. Roxanne appears and presents a sensual belly dance that impresses everyone, especially Bram.

    Unfortunately for both Roxanne and Bram, the mild snowfall turns into a massive blizzard, and they are stranded in the bank while Minneapolis digs out. Then the sparks begin to fly. Slowly but surely Bram convinces Roxanne that there is no “standard time frame” for falling in love, and taking the chance is more than worth it all.

    Like all of the books by this author, the characters are well defined, voiced and always clever. Conversational patois and pacing are among the best out there that I have read, with moments that will have you laughing out loud or reaching out to whap someone in the back of their head for being so stubborn. The chemistry in this book was slower to grow than in others, but that just made the scenes that much more steamy for the palpable sexual tension.

    The dual narrations of Destiny Landen and Lee James worked well for the characters: Lee has a voice that is fine-grit sandpaper smooth, and always has the hint of a smile behind it, while Destiny manages to fall into a voicing for Roxanne that is fitting and pleasant. I particularly liked the musical interludes between chapters, they enhanced rather than distracted from the storyline. I did have a few moments with some mispronounced words, but those were minor and did not distract overall from the storyline. I will admit that I am a fan of this author’s work, and really do enjoy her work translated into the audiobook format.

    I received an audiobook copy from the author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.