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Planning To Win: The Unseen Side of Coaching and Building a Successful Sports Program

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Say the word coaching and most people think about the so-called Xs and Os and think that is what coaching is all about. Other individuals will add teaching fundamental skills to the list.

Not many individuals will look beyond that short list of skills and knowledge needed by coaches to be successful. Planning to Win: The Unseen Side of Coaching and Building a Successful Sports Program looks at the core of what it takes to build a winning sports program, a program that fields successful teams every sports season.

Just a few of the topics covered in Planning to Win include:

--Do you have a plan to win?

--Essential keys to building a winning program

--Building a culture of success

--Developing player confidence

--Relational coaching

--Scheduling for success

--Proactive relations with player parents

--Developing an overriding purpose for the program

These topics and more are covered in this Planning to Win, the second book in the Teach to Win Series: Skill Building for Coaches.

The author has won nearly 500 varsity wins as a basketball coach and in the process has started a varsity program from scratch, rebuilt others and coached both boys and girls. The principles and concepts described in Planning to Win were essential to his success in building programs that could withstand the passage of time and yet continue to be successful every season.

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