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By His Anticipation (Billionaire Sci Fi Erotica)

32 pages26 minutes


When her billionaire boss calls her into his office for an interrogation, Cheri fears her psychic abilities may have been discovered.

It turns out Lucas Bennett's abilities far eclipse her own. He knows far more than Cheri could imagine and is scheming to expose her.

What he doesn't know is that when the truth comes out they will discover an intense bond far deeper than they could have ever anticipated. Their union is dangerous, but Lucas can't help being intrigued by her luscious curves while Cheri is enraptured by his chiseled body and steel resolve.

Their future together seems inevitable.

Warning: this 6,800 word erotic story contains brief voyeurism, oral sex, a curvy android, one prescient social climber, and her sexually charged billionaire. Adults only.


Now that I thought about it, quite a few of those leaked memories from the future never  seemed to meet their foregone conclusion. In fact, all of the flashes I had gotten around Mr. Bennett were unrealized.

My head was aimed towards the floor. I saw the gloss black tips of his shoes first before he knelt down to my level. I looked at him, surprised to see him so close and even more when I saw his eyes.

"So you do remember us," he said. He brushed a few dark stray hairs from my eyes. I looked at him, stunned. Was he saying what I thought he was?

The same hand that brushed aside my hair was trailing down my jawbone. Before I could process it, Mr. Bennett was drawing my face towards his. His lips brushed against mine gently. His other hand glided around my waist. He stood up, easing me into a standing position, before pulling me into his body.

All the while I was drowning in conflicting emotions. Arousal, desire, fear, and confusion all swept around in me. All the same, I wanted to be in his arms. Something seemed natural about it. Right. It was as if we were meant to be together.

He deepened the kiss. My fear and confusion seemed to melt away in the heat of it. As he held me tighter and tighter, I could feel the hard swell of him pressing into me. If I wanted to ask any questions, I'd have to do it now, before I lost myself in the moment completely.

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