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Inspirational Quotes from Above: Words to Strengthen the Hurting Soul

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"Inspirational Quotes From Above: Words to Strengthen the Hurting Soul," is a collection of over 300 quotes, thoughts and questions that will help to trigger the mind and get the reader back on course with God. In the table of contents, the reader can search through different headings and soon discover words of encouragement and renewal, for their hurting soul. This book will teach the reader how to seek and look for the wisdom that only God can give them.
Maybe you are facing surgery, a doctor appointment, or an uncertain day and you need an ounce of hope to carry you through the moment. My newest book, "Inspirational Quotes From Above: Words to Strengthen the Hurting Soul," will allow the reader to search through a wide range of quotes, thoughts, and even questions that will take the reader from a negative feeling, to words of renewed hope.Even though we live in uncertain times, we do not have to suffer needlessly, when God holds the keys or words that can free us from despair.

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