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Bichos: A Monsters & Mormons Ebook Single

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A newlywed Mormon thinks a honeymoon in the Amazon jungle of Brazil where he served his mission is a great idea, since he's been there and speaks the language. But he's completely unprepared to face the creatures of legend that roam the rainforest.

This short story first appeared in the 2011 collection Monsters & Mormons, edited by Wm Henry Morris and Theric Jepson, a behemoth of a book with 30 stories, poems, and comics that feature Mormons and Mormon culture cast in the classic pulp tradition.

The review of Monsters & Mormons in BYU Studies had this to say about this story:

"Several stories featured strong writing and atmosphere, especially Erik Peterson’s “Bichos” and Scott M. Robert’s “Out of the Deep Have I Howled unto Thee.” These are vivid, well-crafted stories that penetrate deep into the minds of their characters and reveal both hidden hopes and fears."

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