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Raining Angels

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Within each raindrop, lives an angel. She is there to ensure life will go on by providing water to all things living. Life's water-Life's blood. Angels raining upon us. - Angels reigning upon us. Often, a raining day is an answer to my prayers. A gentle reminder of the Love we see everyday and all around us, if only we choose to look.

God speaks to us in all things. Not just things like rainbows or newborn babies. He speaks to us everyday. We need only to open up our sensors.  Not only can we see theses messages, we can touch and feel them. 

The words in this collection were all carefully chosen, through prayers and dreams. They all came to me in my time of need and weakness. I listen, and God gives me these words to share. There is a raindrop waiting for you.  Just turn the page.

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