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Beginners Crochet Stitches Dictionary (Learn How To Crochet, #3)

77 pages45 minutes


Learn How To Crochet 25 Unique Stitches

With this book you will learn the following stitches:

1. Single Crochet
2. Half Double Crochet
3. Double Crochet
4. Half Treble Crochet
5. Treble Crochet
6. Single Crochet Through Back Loops
7. Chunky Waves
8. Chevron
9. Crossover Cluster
10. Wrapped Trebles
11. Popcorn Stitch
12. Basketweave
13. Stacked Double Crochet V’s
14. Easy V Lace
15. Bricks
16. Treble Board
17. Popcorn Lace
18. HDC Cluster Lace
19. This book also includes a Crochet Terms Glossary and 5 simple Crochet Patterns for you to try.

Get Started Today Crocheting Beautiful Projects With These Stitches!

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