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I, Minion: The Minion Chronicles, #1

86 pages1 hour


Volume 1 of The Minion Chronicles

Centuries pass and the Dark Lord’s Empire spreads across the land, its unconquerable armies forcing kingdom after kingdom to bend the knee. At the fore of these are the minions – skeletal warriors raised from the dead with dark magic to serve on the frontlines of battle. Unthinking, unfeeling, and expendable, they are the perfect soldier. After all, how do you kill what is already dead?

But what if, beneath all that killing and bloodshed, some trace of humanity lingered on. Would it be possible for one of them to break free from the Dark Lord’s control? And what would happen if it did?  

This fantasy story is the length of a short novella. It's approximately 21,000 words or 65 standard pages.


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