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Every child has a dream when they start off in life to become someone great and do great things. Somehow along the line of growth, those dreams are lost. Ninety percent of the world population is lateral, eking out a living by hard work and toil and still have a lot of month at the end of the money.
This writer asks if this is or was the intention of our creator Father. This book explains how our Father is immensely rich and boasts of great abundance. It tells how earth’s children choose to be poor and how the Creator Father feels sad. Most importantly, this book explains how one can start to live a life expressing the abundance of the universe in total joy and fulfillment. There is proof that such a life of maximum abundance exists and 10 percent of the earth’s population testifies to that fact.
You don't have to push drags, hit a jackpot, or win a great lottery to get into that 10 percent bracket. Yes, there are some people that have much from such venues, but research has shown that wealth gained in that manner is short lived and few get real satisfaction from it. You could live a life of abundance, a life of your dreams, if you learnt the secrets of linking yourself with the mind of the creator. This book reveals the fact that money and wealth are not the cause of wealth or poverty. It shows that each person’s mind, attitude, approach, and preparedness to meeting money and wealth determine whether or not one becomes rich or poor. A person’s mind also determines what level of wealth or poverty one will attain.
The words of Solomon, the great king of Israel, then rings true again: “As a man thinks in his heart, so is He.”
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