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Riverside Park is the story of Lauren Forsyth from a checkered family background who amid the hopelessness of a depressed real estate market, arrives in New York hoping to sell an inherited condo and use the proceeds to settle crippling family debts. Tragedy follows, as she receives news of her father's death by apparent suicide at home in Prairie Village, Kansas. In an agony of mingled hope, uncertainty, and suspense, she meets her next door neighbor, the African. They become gradually acquainted, then rapidly fall in love, until she makes a shoking discovery inside his apartment that creates lingering doubt on her mind and frustrates the relationship.

Lauren returns to Kansas wishing to forget about him forever---an impossible task. then a sudden marriage proposal from a former acquaintance forces Lauren to make a choice between a settled life of privilege with a man she did not love, and an uncertain future with one she is madly in love with. She travels back to New York, clinging onto the expectation of hope and a favorable resolution, but only shock and disappointment await her return. Will she fight or give up?

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