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How To Teach Your Husband to Love You: Simple Marriage Counseling and Advice: Men, Romance & Reality, #1

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A Blueprint to Men, Romance and Reality. Straightforward Relationship Counseling and Advice

If you and your husband are a great team, and only the romance and affection is missing from your relationship, then read on, for there is light at the end of the tunnel.

How to Teach Your Husband to Love You Is The Book For You

Written to Give Readers an Insight on How To Change Male Attitudes to Romance

Understand that with men, the emotional curtailing starts young and it's a difficult cycle to break. Your husband's behaviour and emotional shortcomings have been built up over decades, to the point where he is convinced that his emotionally restricted state is far closer to 'normal', than your (seemingly) over-emotional way of being.

Why All That Talking About Feelings & What You Need From Him Emotionally Isn't Working

Every time you mention your emotional needs and have 'that talk', he swears blind that he will change. And then? NOTHING. Back to the same old routine of being ignored until he wants something... You need to be explicit. Not by telling him over, and over, and over again (as you know from experience that doesn't work), but by showing him.

Men, Love, Affection and Romance

If you implement the changes in this book consistently, you will see a change in your relationship. Why? Because you will have effectively taught him what love means to you and, most importantly, how to love you the way you want him to.

Key Sections of the Book

How To Subtly Teach Him To Be More Affectionate

Why Your Hot & Sexy Is Getting Its Ass Kicked By Your Clingy & Needy

How To Make Him WANT To Spend Time With You

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