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Reasons Why Men Pull Away: Men, Romance & Reality, #2

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Sometimes Your Knight In Shining Armour Acts Like An Idiot In Tin Foil

Perhaps you can't quite put your finger on it, but something is definitely not quite right. The generous and attentive love-interest you had a short while ago, seems to have faded. Replaced by someone whose feelings towards you seem ambivalent at best.

Reasons Why Men Pull Away Is The Book For You

I Will Make You Fall For Me Then Pull The Emotional Rug From Under You Just When You Get Your Hopes Up

If you have found that a love-interest has pulled-away from you, you need to determine the cause to the best of your ability. This will enable you to see if the reason for his distance can be tackled (if you are still interested in pursuing the relationship), or if it's time to move on.

Why You Could be Reading Him All Wrong

His pulling-away, may actually be literally nothing to do with you. Men are notoriously single-minded in whatever they are doing. This is a generalisation, but it's a common enough trait amongst the majority of men for us to take it into consideration.

Nobody Wants To Be With The 'Problem Lady'

Mental associations are critical in controlling and influencing a persons behaviour. If he always sees you unhappy about one issue or another, what do you think he will associate you with? If this is often the case, then he will eventually come to the conclusion that either you have a lot of problems, or you complain a lot.


Key Sections of the Book

The Rare Case When You Can Safely Pursue A Man Who Has Pulled Away

Reasons Why Your Man Pulling-Away Is A Good Thing

Anecdotes From Men & Women Who Have Carried Out & Experienced The Pull-Away

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