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Mystic Male: Gay Fantasy 3-Pack Bundle

80 pages1 hour


This e-book is a 3-pack of stories with various men, be they elves, vampires, or beastmen meeting their first loves. This collection is 20,270 words total.

Stories Included:

Daniel, a vampire slayer in-training has found himself captured by the Vampire Duke Vallos. It's obvious the blood-sucker wants revenge against the Belmound line, not just by changing this slayer into a vampire, but by getting him to drink willingly from the Duke's own veins! Daniel was ready for torture and mind-games, not kindness, concern, and for the Vampire's touch to effect him so much. Will he be able to resist his increasing attraction to the Duke, and to drinking human blood? Is Vallos the evil scum he thought he was, or is it all an elaborate hoax? 7,545 Words.

Deflowering An Elf (Gay Fantasy Beast Men)
Nothing is more annoying to Pryven the Elf than having to leave his library. When he's forced to journey into the forest in a dirty carriage with a strange human and hulking minotaur, its almost too much to take. At first he finds them animalistic and disgusting, but there's also an attraction he can't deny. What will he do when the minotaur -and a Unicorn-Man and Werewolf-decide they feel the same pull? 6580 words.

Embraced by the Blue Dragon (Gay Fantasy)
Kess is half human therefore shunned by the rest of the Eaglekind people. After being rejected by a possible lover, Kess decides to live on his own. One day he's treated to the sexy sight of a blue dragon man bathing under a waterfall. Does Kess dare to reveal himself, or will everything be ruined when the dragon finds out Kess is half human? 6,145 words.

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