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Shared (Incubus, #5)

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Incubus Kit has finally been claimed by his master, Sebastian, a sorcerer as ruthless as he is powerful. Kit is hooked on his master’s touch, eager to please and obey him. Kit’s desires are so intense, his hunger so great, that in amused exasperation Sebastian recruits a friend to help him wear Kit out. Kit is both frightened and intrigued at the thought of being shared with another man. Fortunately, Sebastian is only too willing to encourage the shy Kit to open up…

4300-word MM erotic romance.


Kit crept back into the library, needing his master. And froze.

A strange man was leaning against the bookcase. His predatory gaze dragged slowly up and down Kit’s body. Kit tried not to shrink. “S-Sebastian?” He dared not look away.

“Come here,” said Sebastian in that deep, comforting voice. Kit slunk closer; Sebastian tugged him down into his lap, where Kit could draw comfort from his warmth. “This is my friend Dane. He thinks you’re quite beautiful. A tasty little treat.”

“I’d like to find out,” said Dane in a voice of such smouldering promise that Kit quivered.

“He’d like to watch you.”

Kit stiffened in Sebastian’s arms. He struggled half-heartedly, but Sebastian kept him imprisoned in an iron grip and Kit subsided back against him, feeling how hard Sebastian was against his ass. “I don’t know,” Kit said tensely; he had not imagined that Sebastian’s friend would be so big, so hungry, so… big.

“He just wants to watch you. It’s perfectly safe.” Sebastian stroked his hair, running his fingers through it.

Kit turned his cheek helplessly into his palm. He would do anything for his master’s approval. “Okay.”

“Open your robe.”

Fear started to kindle. Kit was wearing only a light robe, belted at the waist. If he opened it he would be entirely naked. He fumbled with the belt, suddenly clumsy. Undid it. He looked away as he took hold of the edges of the robe.

“No. Look at him.”

Kit looked back obediently, and his breath caught in his throat and he was transfixed by the naked hunger in Dane’s expression as that robe fell open. It was a look of primal craving. Kit shivered under it, as terrified as he was excited.

“Spread your legs,” Sebastian murmured in his ear.

“No. I can’t.” Kit looked away again.

Sebastian took his chin in his fingers. “Look at him while you’re doing it.”

Kit screwed up his courage, and spread his legs. He felt intensely exposed in this position, so vulnerable, letting a predatory stranger look at him so intimately. Sebastian slid one hand under his knee and lifted his thigh up and out so that he was even more open; Kit trembled. His heart was beating so fast it was practically fluttering.

“I’m going to touch you now. Keep your eyes on him.”

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