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Firelight (Winter, #3)

25 pages19 minutes


Rich has been snowbound for days with Parker, the gorgeous man of his dreams. Rich has been trying desperately to keep his hands off Parker, but in such close quarters they can’t avoid heated glances and lingering touches. Now Parker has finally lost his patience. He drags Rich to bed to indulge their hunger for each other. By the time the snow has melted, neither of them will want Parker to leave…

5100-word MM erotic romance.


Parker yanked him stumbling through the doorway into the master bedroom and threw him down on the bed.

Rich hit the covers and bounced, and Parker pounced immediately. They rolled over and tussled a little until Parker was on top again, pinning him down in the warm covers. Parker was full of smiles; Rich melted at the first flash of his dimple.

“I win,” Parker announced. The winter sunlight slanted hazy through the icy window to paint him with pale colour. His hair shone gold, his eyes a very dark blue. He was practically glowing.

“What do you win?” Rich asked him.

“You.” Parker dipped his head and kissed Rich, slow and thorough, his hand still fisted in Rich’s sweater keeping Rich pinned under him.

Rich caught at Parker to drag him down tighter against him, clutching at his fair hair, his sweater, the angle of his shoulder. It felt glorious to have Parker’s body pressed against him, hot and hard. Parker’s knee slid up between his, giving him sweet pressure to rub against, and Parker ground his erection against him.

“Ah.” Rich groaned; he could not think with Parker doing that. Parker felt so big, so hot, it made Rich’s throat dry. Frankly, he wasn’t sure Parker would fit.

Rich could not last another second without getting his hands on this man. He slipped his hand under Parker’s sweater, his shirt, to palm the taut muscles of his stomach. The hot muscles contracted beneath Rich’s exploring fingers; Parker took a sharp breath, and growled. “You’ve been teasing me way too long. All that looking at me. Touching me. You were there every time I turned around. Close enough to kiss.”

Rich reddened. He had been trying to keep his distance, but he’d wanted Parker for so long.

“Now I’m going to make you pay,” Parker promised him in a delightfully menacing voice. “For all the times you made me hard and left me wanting.”

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