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The Daniel Fast: Toughing Out The First 10 Days, #2

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What is The Daniel Fast?

There are two references to fasting in the book of Daniel, and that is what the Daniel Fast focuses on for guidelines. 

In the first reference, Daniel 1, Daniel and his friends drank only water and ate only vegetables for ten days.  At the end of their ten days, they appeared healthier than their peers who ate the rich food from the royal table. 

Then again in Daniel 10, Daniel undergoes another fast and abstains from meat, and wine (peasant food) for a period of twenty-one days.  

Making the Daniel Fast Work For You

Other diets involve decreases in the amount of food consumed overall.  Even though this diet focuses on fasting, one is still allowed up to three full meals and two snacks. 

Those that go on the Daniel Fast often report feeling more energetic and healthier at the end of the fast. 

At the end of the fast, people often go to healthier eating habits overall because of the way they felt during the fast and how they feel afterward.  Reductions in cholesterol can be seen as well as other health benefits. 

For a person that may be struggling with their health issues, turning to fasting and prayer can lead one down the path to a healthier lifestyle once the fast ends. 

10 Days Later....

When Daniel finished his fast, he asked for a comparison between himself and his friends that had fasted along with him versus those that had continued to eat from the king’s table. 

One would think that the ones that were able to feast like a king would have a greater healthy appearance, but the opposite was true. 

Daniel and his friends that had fasted felt better, but also had a better outward physical healthy appearance that was not evident in those that did not fast. 

Daniel and his friends also had a stronger connection to God and a better sense of fulfillment because of their connection to God during their fast.

Key Sections of the Book

The Benefits

Tips For Success In The First 10 Days

Things To Avoid In The First 10 Days

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