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Snowbound (Winter, #2)

24 pages17 minutes


When Rich’s childhood crush Parker turns up bruised and frozen on his doorstep one winter night, Rich takes him into the shelter of his little farmhouse. For Parker’s sake, Rich keeps his feelings secret, while Parker refuses to explain why he’s so desperate for refuge. But as the winter closes in, leaving them snowbound together, there is nowhere to hide from each other. And the first time they touch, heat ignites and secrets explode. A week is a long time to be snowbound…

4700-word MM erotic romance.


Next moment Parker turned around to grab something and they were suddenly face to face again in the tight confines of the kitchen, so close that Rich jumped. There was barely even an inch between them this time. Rich could feel the heat of Parker’s body, a whisper against Rich’s skin. Rich’s pulse started to race.

Parker growled, fisted a hand in Rich’s sweater and shoved him hard against the counter, pinning him there. Rich gasped, not used to this rough treatment. “Parker—”

“Stop. Doing that.” It came out a deep rumble.

“Doing what?”

“Looking at me like that. Getting so close. Being so… so…” Parker’s grip tightened as his eyes swept hungrily over Rich; Rich’s stomach contracted. “You shouldn’t… tempt me.”

“Tempt you?”

Parker had him cornered, holding him tight. There was no escape even if Rich wanted, which Rich really didn’t. Parker looked down at him, eyes very dark. “You make me think about kissing you.”

Rich’s throat had gone bone dry. He was pinned in Parker’s grip.

Parker said in that low voice, “It’s nothing. I know it’s nothing. If I kissed you, it wouldn’t be any good. For either of us. So we could both get over it.”

Oh, God. Rich’s hands fisted with how badly he wanted to grab Parker, yank him tight against him and kiss him. Rich mustn’t. Couldn’t.


Kiss me.

“You can’t…”

Right now.

“Do this,” Rich finally managed.

“Shut up.”

And Parker crushed him against the counter with his full weight and kissed him. Hard.

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