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Bound and Taken

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Jeff is about to marry his girlfriend and lead a straight life. His best friend doesn't think that's a good idea. So what's he to do? Bind and take him, of course.

This short story includes detailed sexual content and is meant for adults only.


I kept my mouth shut as he widened the circles his thumbs made on my nipples to include the rest of my chest, spreading that devilish lotion until he had covered every inch of my skin. But he didn’t stop there. He paid the same focused attention to my arms too, then my neck, and eventually the tip of my nose. He’d crawled over me to do this, his knees resting at the side of my stomach, where they pressed into my sides, feeling cool against the heat that spread on my skin.

His cologne drifted into my nose as he leaned down, running his thumbs along my cheeks. I didn’t know whether I was asking him to stop or to go on. My heart beat out of my chest. “Mike…” I said again, the words a whisper against his skin. I had never been so confused. I should have been honestly mad at him for doing this to me. I wasn’t gay, I wasn’t into him, I was going to marry a beautiful women, and yet, when he closed the gap between us, aligned his body with mine, skin on skin, the bliss I felt was real.

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