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Wheat Belly Diet Decoded: Diets Simplified

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The Wheat Belly Phenomenon

Wheat Belly Diet Decoded gives a simple guide and introduction to the Wheat Belly diet and lifestyle for those considering whether the dietary changes suggested by Dr. Davis is right for them.

In "Wheat Belly" Dr. Davis utilizes his own experience as a Medical Doctor along with the history of wheat to provide compelling information on how this product has impacted America's waistline and other factors in everyday life. Modern day wheat is as close to true wheat as a chimpanzee is to a human. Chimpanzees are 99% identical to humans in the genetic code, so it can be seen the difference just 1% makes. Modern wheat is even further apart than 1% from actual wheat.

The Addictive Properties of Wheat

Wheat displays addictive properties similar to opioid drugs. This food actually displays similar effects on the brain as opioids do. People consume certain foods for a "fix"….caffeine in coffee, for example. However, wheat is consumed for nutrition purposes, so people don't often stop to consider it may be addictive. Removing wheat out of the diet can be difficult due to these addictive properties. People who remove wheat from their diet often report fewer mood swings, improved mood, better sleep, and improved concentration ability.

Wheat and Celiac Disease

Approximately 1% of the population is unable to tolerate wheat gluten, even in small quantities. When these people ingest wheat gluten, the barrier of the intestine breaks down, and leads to diarrhea and cramping. Over the years, these patients are unable to absorb nutrients, lose weight, and develop nutritional deficiencies.

Since the intestinal barrier is broken down, this allows the proteins to cross into the body and find their way into places not welcomed, such as the bloodstream, which is how celiac disease is diagnosed.

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How Does The Wheat Belly Diet Work?

Benefits of the Wheat Belly Diet

Say Goodbye to Wheat

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