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Freed (Incubus, #7)

29 pages23 minutes


Ruthless sorcerer Sebastian has finally lost his heart to devoted Kit, the incubus bound to serve him. But with that revelation comes the painful truth that Sebastian can’t keep him bound any longer. Sebastian will never know if Kit’s feelings could be real. Sebastian’s only hope is to run the terrifying risk of freeing Kit to make his own decision - knowing that it will break Kit’s heart…

6300-word MM erotic romance. Last in series.


Kit turned toward his master then, following that deep urge to always be focused on him. Nothing else mattered in the world.

Sebastian looked different in the moonlight, at once beautiful and remote, his face carved from ivory. Kit wanted to trace his beloved face with his fingertips, breathe in his scent.

“I freed him,” Sebastian said. “I could do the same for you.”

“What?” Kit took a step back so fast he stumbled. “What?”

“I could free you. For good.” Sebastian dropped each word like a bomb.

The distance between them was at once too much and not enough. Kit could not hear anything but the ringing in his ears. He seemed to be made of ice, hollow inside; one tap would crack him completely. “You want to unbind me?”

“If I did, would you be happier?”

“Happier?” The ringing was so huge now that it drowned out thought.

“Yes,” Sebastian said, not looking at him. “You might like to be free.”

Kit just stared at him. Then he stepped up to Sebastian and shoved him. Hard. With both hands.

It was like shoving a wall; Sebastian never blinked. “Kitten—”

“No! No, I don’t want to be freed. Of course not. How can you even ask that? Why would I ever want that?”


“I said no!” Kit raised his voice louder to get this through his master’s thick skull. “No. Absolutely, emphatically no. Don’t even think about it.”

Sebastian was beginning to look very strained. “I’m sorry.”

“For what?” Kit nearly shouted. “For not listening to a word I say?”

“Sorry that I can’t take your word for it. You’re saying this because you’re compelled to. Because you were forced to love me.”

“I’m saying that because I’m not an idiot!” Kit’s voice cracked into despair. “I’m saying that because I love you. Because waking up with you makes every day brighter for me. Because when you hug me you make everything better. I don’t care whether you think it’s real. I only care about you.”

“And I only care about you. That’s why I have to do this.” Sebastian seemed heartbreakingly determined to ruin Kit’s life.

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