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DASH DIET DECODED: A Simple Guide & Introduction to the DASH Diet & Lifestyle: Diets Simplified

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The Number One All-Round Best Diet 3 Years In A Row

The DASH diet has been rated the number one all-round best diet by several health and nutrition authorities for several years running but is it all that it's claimed to be?

DASH Diet Decoded Is The Book For You

What is D.A.S.H.?

The DASH diet is primarily a healthy life-style diet rather than a weight-loss diet. Although you can and do lose weight on the diet, the main focus in ensuring an all-round healthy environment for the heart rather than a short-term crash diet.

Reduce The Salt, Eliminate Hypertension

Blood pressure is greatly affected by the amount of dietary sodium consumed. The lower the sodium intake, the lower the blood pressure as part of a well balanced diet such as DASH. Many people would say 'well, I don't add much salt to my food' but the truth is that the prohibition of sodium covers more than just table salt. A large amount of your salt intake will come from regular processed foods that are in abundance on out supermarket shelves.

The Most Official Diet Available

Unlike many 'fad' and highly questionable diets on the market, the sole aim of the DASH diet is to get the participant into better all-round health. This means that the advice, guidelines and actual content on the diet is based solely on conventional medical wisdom and does not rely on hyperbole or anecdotal evidence to support it.

Key Sections of the Book

Overview & Background

Recipes & Food Plan

Drawbacks of The DASH Diet


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