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Dum Gum #3: Brie (Becoming a Bimbo Erotica)

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Brianna Roland works at a dead-end job in a call center. She's bored and dissatisfied - that is, until a strange call tells her about a new gum that's guaranteed to change her entire life. What she doesn't know is that it does so by turning her into a horny, cock-craving bimbo! This ten thousand word story features two sexy encounters, including one where Brianna receives the attentions of four horny men. Stay tuned for new installments of the Dum Gum series. Mature audiences only.


Brianna was a fan of desserts. The sweeter the better, she always thought. But this was overwhelming. The flavor exploded through her mouth, coating it with a sickly sweet taste that only grew stronger as she continued chewing. She couldn’t tell you why she kept right on chewing, only that it felt too good to stop. The taste began to change with every second, until she started loving it instead of cringing at it.

“Wow,” Brianna murmured, her voice soft and warm. “This is... yummy.”

She had never used the word ‘yummy’ in her entire life. Good, sure. Delicious, occasionally. Yummy, never. But it was the only word she could think of to explain what was going on. Yummy. Delish. Nummy, even. Whatever word she could think of for it, she was suddenly very glad that she listened to that strange phone-call today. If she hadn’t, she would never be able to enjoy this fantastic flavor.

As she chewed, she began to look around, realizing that she had left her path home, and was currently in an area of the neighborhood that she wasn’t quite familiar with. Brianna was sure that she was walking the right way, but she just... drifted off, for some reason. There were a lot of interesting-looking people walking by, though, people she knew she should probably be afraid of, but was more excited by now.

“Um, hello?” she asked one of them, a big strong young man who had tattoos all along his back. “Can you help me find my way somewhere?”

The guy just grinned at her, looking her up and down. She should have felt offended, but instead she just felt appreciated. He said, “Sure, baby. Where you going?”

That was a good question. Home was the obvious answer, but home suddenly seemed like a very boring place to be. Well, it always was, admittedly. But now Brianna couldn’t think of a good reason why she should go back there, if she thought it was boring. For an equally boring job? That wasn’t a very convincing argument. No, she was definitely going somewhere else, she knew that. But where?

“Well,” Brianna said, giggling. “Wherever the party is, of course.”

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