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Dum Gum #4: Jessi (Becoming a Bimbo Erotica)

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Jessica Stahl works at a high-end bar, where she's tired of all the men groping and fondling her. Her brother's new girlfriend has the solution - a package of gum that promises a carefree day. Of course, what it really does is make her into a horny bimbo! Now she can't wait to take on all those sexy rich men that populate the bar, so she an show them how a bimbo has a good time. This is a ten thousand word story about a woman who learns to love her work. Stay tuned for more stories in the series. For mature audiences only.




“Hey there!” Another regular, sitting down next to Greg. Bill Adams. Loud and annoying, old Jessica thought. Boisterous and charismatic, new Jessi decided. “Is that Jessica? The heck's going on here?”

“Just a little change, Mr. Adams,” Jessi said with a grin. “I decided that lame old Jessica was just a complete bore. Meet awesome new Jessi.”

She felt Greg's roving hands slide along her ass, and just shot him a teasing look. Old boring Jessica probably would have just shot him, if she had access to a firearm.

“You like the new me, don't you, Greg?” she said, smirking.

“Who wouldn't?” Greg asked. Bill Adams clearly agreed.

“So, old Reggie sent you to keep an eye on us, huh?” Mr. Adams queried.

“Well,” Jessi thought about that. “I guess so. But I'd rather if you kept an eye on me. Do you think you can handle that?”

They were gathering a crowd. Games were fun, to be sure, but you don't see a change like Jessi's every day. Jessi knew how much all of the men here had wanted her, even when she was her surly and angry self. Now they all realized something, one after another – they could have her. She gave warm bedroom eyes to each man in the slowly-forming circle, letting them know how attractive she found them all. Jessi didn't know where these feelings were coming from, she just knew that they were wonderful.

Mr. Adams shifted, his erection obvious. “Well, Jessica...”

“Jessi,” Jessi corrected. “It's much more fun.”

“Jessi,” Mr. Adams continued. “I'm not sure that's entirely appropriate...”

Jessi giggled, and reached out to wrap her fingers around his tie. “Appropriate, Mr. Adams? No one needs to know how appropriate it is. Just get those doors closed, keep your voices down, and we can play a whole new game. I think everyone here would enjoy that.” She pulled his tie towards her, and locked her lips with him. He was a smart man – he kissed her right back.

Someone closed the doors, and everyone was keeping quiet. These men knew a good thing when they saw it. Greg squeezed her ass tight as she ground against his leg, and Mr. Adams was quick to reach his hands up to grope her tits as they kissed. When their lips parted, he looked surprised but lustful, and kept his hands roving around her covered chest.

“Okay, boys,” Jessi said, taking a deep breath and speaking in a loud whisper. “Let the games begin!"

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