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Devoured: Fantasy's Bar & Grill, #2

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* Warning Sexual Content *

Fantasy's Bar & Grill Book 2
Four Sexy Billionaires

What happens when four gorgeous billionaires decide that you’re the woman they want?  Is giving your heart to more than one man possible, or would it even be about love.  In the second book of the Fantasy’s Bar & Grill series, Zoey realizes she wants more than just the few, but dream worthy, memories of their tropical adventure.  Will she take a chance, and surrender her body to the passion they've ignited?

Samson adds rules to what he expects in this menage.  Leon reveals secret desires that will have her running for the exit or even more turned on than before.  Miles, her tender-hearted hero?  He believes Zoey should come to them on her own terms, and may just decide he's not willing to play.  Leif just hangs on for the ride, not sure what his role in this this fantasy is.  Faced with all these new complications, Zoey worries that her heart, not to mention the rest of her, will be devoured in the process.

Get Devoured!

Behind the closed doors of Fantasy's Bar & Grill things are really heating up and we don't mean in the kitchen! 

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