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Hollow World

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Detective Charlie Walker's worst nightmare comes true when his family is brutally kidnapped while on vacation at Walt Disney World. In order to rescue his wife and daughters, he must enter a dark, dangerous world of vicious trials and sadistic mind games concocted by a brilliant but psychotic nemesis.


All Charlie Walker wanted was to get away from the stress of life as Detroit’s most renowned detective, so a family trip to his favorite place, Walt Disney World, couldn’t come soon enough. But an unknown nemesis has other plans for Charlie’s vacation at The Most Magical Place on Earth....

When the detective’s wife and children are kidnapped in a sophisticated and brazen attack, a brilliant psychopath sets into motion a cunning game of cat and mouse, and Charlie has no choice but to play along, or risk losing the people dearest to him. Using Walt Disney World as his chessboard, Charlie’s tormentor gleefully stages a nail-biting series of dark and sadistic challenges designed not only to test Walker’s intelligence but also his sanity. And just when it seems like all hope is lost, help comes from the last person on Earth he’d expect.

"Hollow World" is part "Sherlock Holmes", part "Die Hard", and part "Taken" — high-stakes, heart-pounding action set smack-dab in the middle of The House of the Mouse. As with the best Hollywood blockbusters, Pobursky keeps you glued to your seat, waiting to see how this deadly war of minds will play out.

“It grabs you by the throat and takes you on a thrilling E-Ticket full of twists and turns that never let up.”
—George Taylor,

“Pobursky crosses Jack Bauer, Sherlock Holmes, and John McClane to create the greatest action hero ever to set foot in Walt Disney World.”
—Jeff Heimbuch,

“This is no 'Kingdom Keepers'. This is edgy, suspenseful, violent, R-rated fiction for adults. But it’s also smart as hell.”
—Leonard Kinsey, "The Dark Side of Disney"

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