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My Sapphic Boss (Boss, Erotica, Lesbian, Sex, Slave, Submission)

26 pages21 minutes


In this 5,700-word erotic short story, Debbie and her boss, Ms. Violet, share a strange and erotic relationship with one another, where dominance and submission play a key part. Both want to take their relationship even further, but will one gather up the courage to make their desires into a reality? Mature audiences only.


When Debbie returned, Ms. Violet was waiting, exactly like Debbie knew she would be. Her boss was sitting calmly, but Debbie knew that beneath her boss' skin was a coiled tiger, ready to spring. Debbie stepped in softly, closing the door behind her. She locked it, knowing what was coming.

“I've moved all of your appointments back, ma'am,” Debbie explained. “Is there anything else you'd like me to do.”

Ms. Violet just smiled sharply, “I want you to apologize for your outburst, Debbie.”

“Of course, ma'am,” Debbie said. She knew how she was meant to apologize, and though she acted contrite and apologetic outside, on the inside she was giddy, like a child on Christmas. Debbie loved to apologize to her boss. She never made Ms. Violet mad intentionally, but only because she knew that she never had to – her beautiful, domineering boss would always find a reason to punish Debbie.

Debbie slid to her knees, as she was expected to. Then she crawled, hands and knees, on the soft carpet,  creeping through the center of the desk, her hips swaying with every motion. Ms. Violet's legs were long and lovely, even as strong as Debbie knew they were. She gazed up between them at Ms. Violet herself, because there was one more thing she needed to do. It was very important.

“May I eat your pussy, ma'am?” Debbie requested. “So that I can properly show my contrition.”

Ms. Violet smiled down at her, her dominance assured, “You may, Debbie.”

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