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Serving My Boss (Boss, Erotica, Office, Sex, Straight)

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In this 3,500-word story, Rose is sick and tired of how her boss, Mr. Murphy, treats her more like a beast of burden than a valuable employee. When she finally confronts him about it, it leads to a tense discussion that grows with passion until both of them are overcome by desire for one another, and experience a life-changing sexual encounter. Mature audiences only.


He pulled off his jacket, and set it over his chair. He moved with a feline grace around his desk, coming towards me. I wasn't sure what to do, whether I should stand up against him or shrink away, and so I 'chose' to freeze in place, staring as he walked up to me. The door was just behind me, still hanging open slightly. He reached past me, his arm brushing along my own, as he shut and locked it.

“No, I suppose I wouldn't,” he replied. “I honestly didn't expect this, Rose. I had taken you for the spineless sort of woman, who wasn't willing to make a stand, no matter how poorly treated she was.”

“Well, I guess you were wrong then, sir,” I said, shivering at his nearness. “I'm definitely not that kind of woman.”

He smiled, but it was no longer cold. “Clearly.”

Mr. Murphy took me by the hips, and pushed me up against the door, then pressed himself against me.  I couldn't have resisted him, even if I wanted to – and it was pretty clear that I didn't want to. I gazed up at him, unsure what was going to happen, but very anxious to find out.

“What are you-” I started, then found myself cut off. “Mhmmhph!”

He was kissing me, insistently. For a long moment, I could hardly believe it, let alone react to it. In the next moment, I pushed him away, gasping, gazing up into his eyes. I wanted to melt away, to let him do what he willed with me, but something in me told me to stop him, that I was stronger than this.

“Now hold on just one damn minute,” I stated. “You're going to listen to me.”

He looked stunned, and more than a little angry, that I pushed him away. “What, exactly, am I going to be hearing?”

I paused, thought for a moment about what words I would use, then realized that no words would do. Instead, I pulled myself up to him and kissed him in turn, doing exactly what he had done to me as I pushed him over to his desk, so that his legs hit the top of it. Our mouths were dancing, our tongues entangling with one another. After a moment of paradise, I pulled away from him again.

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