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Dum Gum #6: Kimmi (Becoming a Bimbo Erotica)

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Kimberly Allen is a reporter, called by Kathleen Wayne to cover a story on the miraculous 'Dum Gum' that turns women into lustful bimbos. And what better way to learn of its effects than a first-hand experience or two? Testing the gum, Kimberly finds out just how well it works in an encounter with two sexy men! But that's not all. Deciding to take this all the way to the top, she and Kat have another encounter with the most powerful media moguls in the world, to show them the whole story! This ten thousand word story features two steamy threesomes, and is for mature audiences only. Stay tuned for more in the series.



There were two of them at the bar, fit and tan, looking like they just got here after changing from the gym. Kimmi didn't see anyone with them – poor, lonely guys. She slowly swung her hips over to them, as she had forgotten how to walk any other way. Maybe that wasn't a product of the gum at all, and just a personal choice, but the case was the same, her hips were swaying back and forth, enough to catch the  eye of nearly everyone here. All of the men and a couple of the women stared in obvious lust, while the rest of the women stared in jealousy instead.

Kimmi only had eyes for the two buff men at the bar, though. By the time they looked back to see her, she was already close, and they gazed at her in raw, unbridled desire. She would have to thank Kat for the change of clothes – she could have swayed her hips in a boring old pant-suit, but she doubted it would have the same effect. The miniskirt and tube top, though, that was definitely having the desired effect.

She smiled brightly as she came up. “So, which one of you is going to  buy me a drink?”

“Um,” they both said at the same time.

Quickly deciding who should speak first, the guy on the right said, “What would you like?”

“Whatever you're having, sexy,” Kimmi replied, and watched him scurry off to get it.

“I'm Uri,” the guy still here said.

“Kimmi,” she said in response, and slid up close to him.

“Um,” Uri grunted in surprise. “Hi.”

“Hi,” Kimmi replied with a smile. “C'mere.”

She pulled him in, kissing him roughly and wildly, full of the abandon that her new status as a bimbo afforded her. Uri was a smart guy, and kissed her back within a second. Within five seconds, he was pushing her up against the bar, grinding against her, his hands squeezing her ass as he crushed her tits against his chest. Kimmi's mouth was working overtime, dancing with Uri's, biting his lip and tugging on it before sucking his lips against her own once more.

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