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Armoires and Arsenic: A Darling Valley Cozy Mystery, #1

Length: 283 pages3 hours


What would you do if you sent a $30,000 piece of furniture out for repairs and it came back with a deadly package inside?

Olivia M. Granville, OMG to her friends and RPITA, Royal Pain In The Armoire to the scoundrels of Darling Valley, thought she had left behind her troubles, spelled superstar heartbreaker Brooks Baker, in glitzy, prosperous LA, where she was a partner in a prestigious design firm. She landed in Northern California's Billionaires Hollow, as Wall Street dubbed the largest concentration of billionaire homes in the country, where she planned to make a killing decorating their mansions. But when Detective Richards shows up, he of the devastating brown eyes, mysterious past and razorlike focus on fighting crime, Olivia becomes involved in a killing of a different kind.

Olivia calls on her tea leaf reading BFF Tuesday for help, she of the single name and copious wardrobe of questionable thrift shop finds, both of which scandalize the upscale, proper denizens of Darling Valley that Olivia desperately needs to charm.

What does Tuesday see in the bottom of Olivia's cup that upends her best laid plans? What roles do Darling Valley’s cast of characters play in unraveling the mystery that landed on Olivia’s doorstep: Cody, Olivia's right hand pretty boy, Mrs. Nichols, her elegant but suspicious seventy-something tenant, the ruthless banker Elgin Fastner and the widow and the doctor? And who is stealing her treasures in the dead of night? 

All is revealed in Book 1 of the new Darling Valley Mystery series, Armoires and Arsenic.

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