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Wisdom Within Divine Words
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“Wisdom Within Divine Words” is about each of us recognizing Divine Spirit be the driving force of our own heart of hearts, to have love, feel love, and be fulfilled in life by it all
The book was originally given to me as inspirational sayings, one at a time, so I wouldn’t become overwhelmed in my passions ,(I had so many of them), of writing, painting, drawing etc. to also have a very serious passion about music, and what it brought to me as a creative tool from instincts deep within my being, for it all to be done very naturally from those deep within unknown about feelings, to feel the greatest love and joy
My Book of “Hope” is to not only serve me but hopefully the whole of humanity that they may take this seriously enough to want to make contact with their own higher selves and live free of grief trauma and pain for evermore, to be inspired to follow their hearts as well.
For you and me to open ourselves more and more to the Divine in our life one only need feel the inspiration, hope, faith, and trust, it all to then unfold within your own heart as it did in mine
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