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1 Peter: The Servant Series

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The race is coming to a close for the Apostle Peter.  His life is a quill and the ink will be his blood.   The battle is raging and soon to intensify for the young church in the first century.
History is being written by God, the plot of redemption being worked out in and through the work of Jesus Christ.  Nothing that is happening to the church is an accident nor will it have the final word.  I love you is the word from God, to my elect, those whom I set my love on!!   It is as though for a moment the whole of the universe is silenced and God speaks in the lives of Peter and His churches, reminding them of His love for them and the footsteps of their Savior Jesus Christ, who endured the cross then the crowning. You are not alone.  I am with you, shielding you and will bring you into my presence to receive your crown of glory.
The expectation for Peter and churches was to “be Holy, because I am Holy.” (1 Peter 1:16) In a certain sense, our lives are a letter that attends the written word, which shows the reality of the gospel applied to the elect of God, sanctified, growing in grace and lived as a doxology to God. 
To His Church signed in His Blood

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