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What is Your Kim Hyun Joong IQ?: Korean Pop and Drama Stars, #4

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Are you a devoted Kdrama or Kpop fan?

Do you adore Kim Hyun Joong?

Well, you’ve come to the right place to have some fun and learn virtually everything there is to know about one of our favorite actors! Let's get started!

1. What’s Kim Hyun Joong’s favorite breakfast item?
A. Ramen
B. Egg roll
C. Grapefruit
D. Smoothie

2. Which of these is NOT a job Kim Hyun Joong has done?
A. Delivering pizza
B. Delivering chicken
C. Delivering newspapers
D. Delivering milk

3. What is Kim Hyun Joong’s special dance move called?
A. Camel Wave
B. Dolphin Kick
C. Horse Shimmy
D. Cat Groove

Take this 5 section quiz to test your Kim Hyun Joong IQ! Better yet, challenge a friend and see who's the Kim Hyun Joong genius!

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