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New Golf Thinking: 7 Breakthrough Techniques to Lower Any Score...and How to Stop Slow Play

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By Denis Pugh, 5 times Ryder Cup winning coach, and Sky TV analyst for PGA Tour events, and John O'Keeffe, once Procter &Gamble Group Vice Executive, once Olympics Squad.

This fully illustrated book is a great visual guide to 7 new breakthrough techniques to lower any score...with new thinking on how to stop slow play.

Download the series of 123 new-style graphics and charts; designed not to be read cover to cover, but for swipe-through, scan  and then focus,on smart-phone or tablet; click on any of 40 faults in the contents straight through to a pictorial fix. For all handicaps.

These new techniques:

- Will revolutionize your golf scores -- the way the Fosbury Flop did for the high jump.

- Fill the big gap between technical improvement and having to go to a psychiatrist for the rest.

- Solve everyday problems like wasting shots because: you get upset; inconsistent; feel tense nervous or frustrated; lose concentration; good on range, not on course; good front 9, bad back 9; can't put a bad hole behind you; feel under pressure; things go from bad to worse for a time; when going well get worried the wheels will come off.

- Instead, gain the 7 simple techniques of BOUNCE-BACK, RISE-TO-OCCASION, CAN-DO, RESULTS-DRIVEN, SELF-START, FRESHEN-UP and CLEAR-HEADED. Valuable for every golfer.

- Field-tested successfully by PGA teaching pros and amateur golfers of every handicap.

Our vision is that every player, of any handicap, can easily become experts in the 7 techniques and remind themselves on smartphone or tablet. A golfer doesn't need a brain surgeon.

And, a new, RESULTS-DRIVEN, Stop Slow Play Plan that will fix the problem at your course, and for the Pros as well.

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