A mysterious note left by an unknown caller beacons Rochester and his friend Henry to meet with them at a nearby tavern later that same day. Curious as to whom or why someone would leave a note asking for help without staying to discuss the matter with them, has Rochester's curiosity piqued.
During their meeting with what turns out to be a young woman, they learn that over the course of the last 20 years no heiress has been able to stay in the castle past the age of eighteen. Everyone who has tried has disappeared during the night from behind locked doors.
Rochester decides to take on this new and intriguing case, which is fraught with urgency, since the young woman who has come to seek their help, will herself be turning eighteen in less than three days' time.
The doctor calls his friend's attention to the apparent change in shape to the markings on Bishop's side. Rochester quickly dismisses the pattern to the cat needing a good brushing and nothing more.
Bishop lets it be known that he is not to be left behind when the Rochester and the doctor set out to solve the case. In a way that only Bishop can, he points to clues and helps to solve the case of the missing heiress.
   (If you enjoyed this story of the adventures with Bishop, be sure to follow her in: her first adventure; The Cat; or Night Takes Bishop.)

Published: L M Boelz on
ISBN: 9781497787285
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