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101 Good Questions to Ask on a Date

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Has this ever happened to You?

You are sitting across the table from a person you really like on a date at a great restaurant. Everything seems perfect. The food is exceptional. The background music is just perfect. The service so far has been good. You look across the table and feel blessed to be in their presence. Your heart melts every time they smile. Your heart also misses a beat every time you make eye contact. Still, there's something that doesn't seem quite right...


Like a vehicle on the wrong type of fuel, the conversation starts and sputters convulsively. Both of you try to get the conversation going but to no avail.

Inevitably, you're joined at the table by an unwelcome guest - AWKWARD SILENCE.

Slowly but surely, your perfect evening morphs into a nightmare. You find yourself staring at the big clock in the corner of the room, counting down to when you can pay the bill and say your goodbyes.
This does not have to be so!

In 101 Good Questions to Ask on a Date, you will discover
some great questions and conversation topics that will eliminate any
incidence of awkward silence on your date. You will find:

* Questions that will reveal your date's passions and hobbies

* Questions that will break the ice in any situation or setting

* Questions that will bring a smile to your date's face and trigger multiple conversation topics

* Questions that will make your date reveal personal things about themselves

* If you're a guy suffering from approach anxiety, you will find 2 keys that will unlock any self imposed barriers you may have placed on yourself

* Discover the questions you must never ask on a date unless you want to get slapped!

* Check out Question 17! This question goes beyond the dating setting and will either spark off laughter, heated discussions or flying plates! This question should be handled with great care.

* And much more

Inject some life into your dating game today by getting your copy of 101 Good Questions to Ask on a Date.
You will laugh, ponder and wonder as you read and answer the questions
This book will be a welcome addition to your bookshelf and will save you
time and money plus give you the confidence boost to feel comfortable
in the presence of anyone knowing that you have a few ice breakers that
will make you admired and popular.

Order your copy today!

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