Reader reviews for City of Dreams & Nightmare: City of a Hundred Rows, Vol. 1

City of Dreams & Nightmare is a bit patchy, but overall I had fun reading it. It reminded me of half a dozen other stories -- Stephen Hunt, with a touch of Miéville and all those fantasy stories where an unremarkable street-girl/street-boy becomes oh so terribly important. There were a lot of ideas, and I was fascinated, but around three-quarters of the way through it wears thin: suddenly we find out that everything has been orchestrated by someone, that the danger was never really that bad.

The overall effect is that things seem to be over almost as soon as they really began to move toward a climax, and then the last few chapters feel awkward. Obviously they're setting up the rest of the series, and some of it is really effective -- the scene in the Pits at the end, for example -- but some of it just feels rushed.

I'm interested enough to read the other books at some point, though not to buy them if they're not in the library.
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