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Are You Sure? Are You Really Going to Heaven?

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Do you believe in God? Do you believe you are going to be with Jesus when you die? Are you really sure? Do you believe that because you can cite an official membership in a church, got baptized, tithe, went through a confirmation class, etc. that "you are covered"? Have questions on how you really get to heaven? Think there are many different paths to heaven? Settle these questions once and for all in your mind. You will either love this booklet or hate it. It's short and easy to read. It's different from anything else you have ever read. When you die, you are a long time dead. Be sure, really sure, where you will be spending eternity, because rest assured you will be spending it somewhere. Whether you believe in God or Jesus or not has absolutely no bearing on the truth of their reality. Download this short booklet. If nothing else it will make you think....and hey, it's free!

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