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The End of Fear: The Women You REALLY Want, #1

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John Handy  was always the  guy who couldn't get the girl. He was shy and painfully awkward. Through intense trial and error he takes you on the precise path to becoming the man women desire.

Fear is the dividing line between the men who get all the hot desirable women and those who settle for what's left over. Thousands and thousands of great high-character men struggle and settle for what they don't really want in a woman because when they come face to face with a great beauty, they experience unconscious fear. This is fear women feel and it repels them instantly.

Dating Coach John Handy provides the exact road map that took him from sexually frustrated virgin unable to speak or act normally around beautiful women, to naturally powerful and irresistible with any woman he meets. 

You will discover the "secret sauce" of behaviors practiced effortlessly and naturally by the guys who get the women you want for yourself. "The End of Fear" is a step-by-step action plan to remake your unconscious behavior in days. Go from skittish and nervous to masculine and attractive. The simple objective is to bring you power and calm around the sexiest women you meet and get you the results which are your birthright.

This book blows the lid off the persistent myths of what actually attracts the most desirable women. It's not about looks, money, your career, silly outfits, canned stories, acting cocky, or "changing" your personality. Bottom line: Find your normal everyday relaxed self around hot women, and you'll have the power to choose from the pool of women you REALLY want.

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