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Starship Victory: Welcome to Fabulous Earth-Vegas: Starship Victory, #3

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Engineering Chief Golem is content enough to hide in his quarters with a bottle of robot hooch, at least until he gets an invitation to a game tournament on luxurious Earth-Vegas. Earth-Vegas, is of course the fabulous planet sized casino. Even the promise of debauchery isn't enough to get Golem to cash in his vacation time, at least until he sees the tournament's prize: the processor unit from his lost younger brother.

Once on the ground on Earth-Vegas, however, he discovers that acquiring that piece of technology will be easier said than done. He must face down his fellow gamblers, masters of every game of chance, and worse, a gang of pirates from the Asimov Network. Does Golem have any hope of winning his brother's brain?

Meanwhile, the Victory is enlisted to test a fancy new engine. And they're probably better off without their Chief Engineer, because he mostly got the job out of nepotism and the fact that he's a robot.

Find out in the third episode of the Starship Victory saga!

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