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The Girl from Outside Time (Singularity Sigil, #1)

204 pages2 hours


Ryan had a normal life, school, band, a crush on the hottest girl around—at least until Emmy showed up and brings all the problems of the future with her.

Soon he's swept up in invading robot spiders, blood sucking cheerleaders, zombie frogs and lurching like a ping-pong ball through history itself. And he can't help but keep himself as close to Emmy as he can manage, both because she's the only person who can save him and because of the new tumultuous feelings brewing in his heart.

Emmy didn't want to get involved—after all, Ryan is a barbarian from the dark age of today, but with every new adventure and challenge he proves himself more clever and intelligent than she could ever imagine. But she can't get any closer. All her friends and family back home in the Singularity—the far future techo-paradise that she calls home—they would never accept anyone from this distant dismal era of history. And worse, what would Ryan do if he learned the dark secret that drew Emmy back through time to the world of today?

Can they defend our world against the strange threats and bizarre monsters threatening to invade our history? Can Ryan keep up with a girl thousands of years more advanced than he is? And most importantly, can he melt Emmy's heart and learn the truth about the future?

Find out in The Girl From Outside Time!

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