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Starship Victory: The Mystery of Earth-Zero: Starship Victory, #8

62 pages47 minutes


It's been a long year for the crew of the Starship Victory. Golem, the alcoholic android who runs the Victory's engineering section wants to retire. Brahma, the energy being navigator of the Victory has met the last few members of his race and his heart has filled with wanderlust.

They are about to solve the strangest question in the history of the Galactic Union—why are there so many duplicates of the planet Earth in the skies? An ancient artifact hinted at the presence of an secret progenitor world, but it was locked near the center of the galaxy, on the distant side of a chaotic machine civilization.

Now Golem's “brother” Robert, another android from his product line, has arrived with terrible news. A war has broken out among the machines and it's only a matter of time before one faction or another unlocks the terrible secret of Earth-Zero and creates the most powerful weapon the galaxy has ever known.

With no time to waste, Galactic Union command dispatches the Victory and the last few energy beings they can contact. Danger is multiplying everywhere. Can the Victory reach Earth-Zero before it's secret is revealed? And if not, can they stop a doomsday weapon that could conquer all reality?

Find out in the startling conclusion to the first season of the Starship Victory saga.

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