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Starship Victory: The Twilight of the Gods: Starship Victory, #4

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Chief Kylie Hayes is on a mission. The civilization of Earth-763 is trying to commit suicide with a tool vastly beyond their technological level. They are a warrior world descended from the culture that would be known as the Norse on many other worlds and after centuries of strife their only desire is to call down their gods and end their world in one last glorious battle.

Chief Hayes must stop that at any cost.

She's been transported down to the world to stealthily acquire the impossible artifact that is destroying their planet. The Starship Victory cannot let it's presence in the sky above be known to the residents of Earth-763 without vastly altering their cultural development.

Can Chief Hayes get her hands on their ragnarok weapon? Or is she doomed to join the entire planet in the Halls of Valhalla?

Find out in the fourth episode of the Starship Victory saga!

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