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Starship Victory: The Maniac Planet: Starship Victory, #6

41 pages29 minutes


The Starship Victory has awakened a dormant virus on Planet Athenia. For a decades the residents of Athenia have been reduced to blood thirsty psychotic monsters, but at least they have stayed contained. Now, however, they have kicked to action and begun cobbling together a fleet of the living dead from whatever spare parts they can dig up.

Colonel Dart, the Victory's commander, has always known this day would come. He has a destiny and it can only be fulfilled by finding the cure to the Athenian contagion. Security Chief Kylie Hayes is skeptical about all this, but Colonel Dart is her superior officer.

But events quickly turn sour when they set foot on the maniac planet. Can the Victory discover the terrible secret of Planet Athenia? Can Chief Hayes stop the colonel from putting himself in incredible danger? Or will his grand destiny save him after all?

Find out in the sixth episode of the Starship Victory saga!

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