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Starship Victory: The Chasm in Space: Starship Victory, #7

39 pages29 minutes


After a disastrous mission gone wrong acting commander Colonel Hayes must put some old ghosts to bed. To do that she leads the Starship Victory through a smoldering chasm in the strata of space time itself and into the Underside.

The Underside is an area of the galaxy cut off from the rest of civilization. A war is brewing between the remnants of the Gamar Star Empire and the Church of Rand. Colonel Hayes doesn't want to get involved in this smoldering conflict, at least until she discovers that the family of the Victory's former commander still might be alive somewhere.

Can the Starship Victory tip the cosmic scales and bring order to the chasm in space? Can the Victory rescue the diaspora of space refugees?

Find out in the seventh episode of the Starship Victory saga!

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