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Quincy's Curse

252 pages4 hours


Quincy Flack is cursed with terrible luck. After losing his parents and later his uncle and aunt in a series of freak accidents, it's no wonder he's reluctant to make friends.

For that reason, Megan Mugwood is a little worried about befriending him when he moves into the village of Ramshackle Bottom. But word has it that incredibly good fortune shines on him sometimes too. Indeed, it turns out that he found a bag of valuable treasure in the woods just a few months ago!

As luck would have it, Megan has chosen the worst possible time to be around him.

From the author of the Island of Fog series, QUINCY'S CURSE is a dark yet fun fantasy for all ages. This full-length, self-contained novel effortlessly weaves a complex tale from multiple points of view while tying up every conceivable loose end.

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