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Nelson Estates Series: Box Set: Nelson Estates Series

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The Nelson Estates Series: Box Set is a collection of the three novellas that make up the series, which continues where The Muse Series left off.

The Gift:
In this continuation of the "Muse Series", Ruthie is eleven and must deal with losing Cam, the boy she always thought was her twin brother, after his father sues for custody. Soon afterwards, her guardian, Aunt Sarah, is given a gift which opens the door to lies and deceptions that put everyone in danger.

This book is a novella, following in the style of classic V.C. Andrews novels which combine gothic horror with family saga, and continues where "In My Frozen Tears - Vol. 2" left off.

The Academy:
In this sequel to "The Gift" and continuation to the best-selling "Muse Series", Ruthie is harassed at school for the rumors surrounding her summer with the Smythes and her possible mental problems. When she decides to get a fresh start at The Academy, an all girls private school in Virginia, she realizes that she can't run away from her problems.

Ruthie's first introduction to The Academy is through a cold and stern headmistress, who assigns her a room with a less than accommodating roommate. Even so far from home, Ruthie must still deal with lies, deceit and abuse. To find out more, you will have to read the book.

This book is a novella of approximately 15,000 words.

The Summer:
It's the end of Ruthie's junior year at Avondale Academy, but she receives bad news that sends her home early. Over the summer she not only deals with both love and death and the consequences of both, but also with the downward spiral of her once twin-brother, Cam.

This book is the sequel to "The Academy" and the third book in the Nelson Estates Series, a continuation of The Muse Series. It is a novella of approximately 16,000 words.

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