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Silent Bite: A Transformed Christmas: The Transformed

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She can't remember the last eighteen months… or why her loved ones have abandoned her.

Alexis Ferguson is having the worst Christmas of her life — and that's saying something. She's a vampire who has lost almost everything. Not only does she have a significant memory gap, but she keeps experiencing more lapses. Every time she gets close to the answer, she forgets everything again.

She knows the last year and a half has been spent with the other vampires. However, she finds herself with the human family who raised her. She has nobody to help with her bloodthirsty cravings, and she almost takes everyone out at a family dinner.

Something has to give before she does something she'll regret. Unable to cope on her own, she falls into a depression until another supernatural steps in, concerned for her well-being. He's gorgeous and knows what Alexis needs before she does. The only problem is that he's a werewolf… and her teacher. What could possibly go wrong?

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