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Trapped in Gondwana
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Imagine travelling back through time to the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana where extinct animals still exist and mystical spirits roam the forests. That is what happens to eleven-year-old Nellie Russell.

She rescues New Zealanders, nine-year-old Charli and her half-brother Hamish, who are trapped in a cave. Together they must complete a dangerous mission, pass a mysterious Big Test and find their way to the centre of Gondwana before sunset or they will be trapped on the pre-historic continent forever.

Will they all make it back to the centre in time?

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ISBN: 9781497731462
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Trapped in Gondwana - JB Rowley

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Title Page

Trapped in Gondwana:

Book 2:

Charli and Hamish


JB Rowley

Copyright Page

The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons living or dead is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Text copyright 2012 JB Rowley

All rights reserved


Cover design by: Char Adlesperger


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Please note: This ebook uses British English. Readers who are used to American English might notice a difference in the spelling of some words.

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Dedicated to Byron; a wonderful young man who once told me cool people don’t say Gondwanaland; they say Gondwana.

Table of Contents

Title Page

Copyright Page


1: Nellie Returns

2: Nellie’s Choice

3: Charli and Hamish

4: Guessing Game

5: Fairytale Realm

6: Pizza

7: Mr Renard’s Secret

8: Wicked Witch

9: Prince Alphonse

10: Pages and Sages

11: General Realm

12: Walking Woodland

13: The Giant

14: Captured

15: Gold and Silk

16: Trolls Again

17: Triassic Trail

18: Big Test

19: Poisoned

20: Rhymes and Riddles

21: Home


1: Nellie Returns

Although she did not know it, Nellie Russell’s second Gondwana adventure really began when she turned and ran back into the pink light; back into Gondwana.

To her surprise, she found she was not where she had been before. The darkness of night had already begun to settle on the misty forests. However, even in the dim light of dusk Nellie could see the bright green leaves on the trees. Mossy plants carpeted the earth, along with strange creepers that looked like soft pine-tree branches. She had not seen these plants in Gondwana before.

Eleven-year-old Nellie had first discovered this adventure version of the ancient super-continent of Gondwana when she fell through a crack in the Earth. At least, it felt like she had fallen through a crack in the Earth but perhaps it was some sort of magic. Either way she had landed in the Gondwana adventure. The only way she could get out was to obey the instructions of the master of the adventure. He told her she had to reach the centre of Gondwana before sunset. On her journey through her adventure she met a cheeky Indian boy called Meg and his pet pygmy possum, Pari.  Nellie made it to the centre of Gondwana and was on her way home. At the last minute she decided she did not want to leave. That was when she ran back into Gondwana.

Meg and Pari had waved her goodbye but now they were nowhere to be seen. Only a few seconds had passed since she had said goodbye to them. When she had changed her mind and hurried back, she thought she would return to where she had been. Instead, she was alone in a different part of the forest. Where was Gondvan, the master of the Gondwana adventure?

Why have you come back, young lady?

Gondvan! Nellie had never been so pleased to hear his booming voice. She looked up in the direction that it came from. The small elf-like creature stood on the branch of a mossy tree. His luminous cape made him look like a blue lantern. Nellie could clearly see the blue skin of his wrinkled face and his wild curly eyebrows. He held his head to one side with his deep blue eyes fixed on her just as he had done when she first met him, except that he had been on the ground that time.

Nellie smiled up at him. Hello, Gondvan.

The first time she had met this odd creature, she had been confused by him and his strange appearance. She was used to him now. She knew he was not there to be her friend. Gondvan treated travellers in Gondwana like school children, just like a strict school principal.

Nellie was no longer what Gondvan called a traveller. She had moved up to the status of visitor because she had successfully completed one of his adventures. However, she knew that this did not mean Gondvan would soften his attitude toward her.

Seeing that he was waiting for her to answer his question she said, Gondwana is so wonderful. I wanted to explore it some more and spend time with Meg and Pari. I thought I would be with them in the centre of Gondwana again when I walked back through the pink light.

Gondvan shook his head.

That was a foolish assumption. Why would the re-entry point be the same as the exit point? That, young lady, would be predictable.

Nellie did not know what to say. It seemed reasonable to her to expect to re-enter at the place where she had been.

To be predictable is against the Gondan rule, said Gondvan as if he could read her thoughts. You have much to learn.

I thought finding our way to the centre of Gondwana before sunset was the Gondan rule.

Gondvan sighed and rolled his eyes. There is more than one Gondan rule, young lady.

I should have known that, thought Nellie. Where am I? she said.

You are in the lycophyte labyrinth.

Nellie wondered if this was another one of Gondvan’s tests. She did not know what a lycophyte was but she knew a labyrinth was like a maze and could be hard to get out of. She also knew that if she asked Gondvan what the lycophyte labyrinth was he would probably just tell her she had to find out for herself. She asked a different question.

Do I have to find my way through the labyrinth?

Perhaps you will find your way through the labyrinth, said Gondvan, and perhaps you will find your way to the lost ones.

Lost ones? Do you mean Meg and Pari? Are they lost?

Meghashyam has returned to his home. He is not lost.

Well, if Meg and Pari are all right, I think I’d like to find my way to them. Is Meg’s home far from here?

It is not far.

I don’t suppose you intend to tell me how to get there?

If you wish to go there, Fang will guide you.


Gondvan extended his left arm from under his blue cape and pointed upward. Nellie looked up and saw long claws curling around a branch. The claws belonged to a brown feathered creature the size of a turkey with a blue dinosaur-like head. Nellie had never seen anything like it before, not even in the encyclopaedia.  Its long, brown tail stood up at the back like the tail of a wren.

As if to acknowledge Nellie, the bird-like creature flapped both wings. When stretched out, the wings looked more like arms. Nellie saw that each arm-like wing had three long claws at the end. The creature had such a gawky body, as if it were a dinosaur pretending to be a bird, that Nellie had to smile.

Hello, Fang, she said.

Fang uttered a loud noise that sounded to Nellie like he was saying ‘Ger’, then jumped out of the tree. The creature looked even funnier as it flew through the air, its tail sticking up, legs and arms extended like a silly boy jumping off a diving board. Fang landed on the ground next to Nellie. She stepped back quickly. One of Gondvan’s rare smiles creased the blue wrinkles of his face.

Fang will not hurt you, he said. Now that you are a Gondwanan visitor you have special privileges.

Fang is a special privilege?

Certainly. Fang will be your guide through the labyrinth to Meghashyam’s house. He will protect you when necessary.

Thank you, Fang, said Nellie looking down at the strange creature.

Fang flapped his wings. Ger, he grunted. Nellie thought she noticed a change in Fang’s tone. She wondered if this indicated a different meaning. Perhaps this time ‘Ger’ meant ‘You’re welcome’ or something like that.

I will go now, before it gets too dark, said Nellie.

It is not time to go. It is time to make your choice.

What choice?

You may enjoy the privileges of a Gondwana visitor or you may choose to become a traveller again and enter the adventure of the lost ones.

Well, I think I’ve had enough of adventures for a while. I would really like to explore Gondwana with Meg and Pari.

Nevertheless, you must meet the lost ones.

2: Nellie’s Choice

What do you mean? said Nellie.

Like a magician about to reveal a spectacular surprise, Gondvan slowly spread out his arms under his cloak. He brought his hands together and clapped three times. As soon as he did so, images appeared before Nellie. As though on a wide screen invisibly suspended in the air, she saw a boy and a girl behind iron bars. The boy was about her age with fair skin and a crop of wild blonde curls that straggled over his ears and forehead. Next to him stood a girl who looked a few years younger. She had dark skin, brown eyes and long black hair. Nellie could see and hear them as clearly as if she were watching a movie.

We have to think of a way out of this, Hamish, said the girl.

I know, Charli. Don’t worry; I’ll think of something, said the boy, but Nellie could see fear in his blue eyes.

Gondvan clapped his hands again. The image disappeared. Nellie turned to Gondvan.

Who are they? Where are they? Why are they trapped?

Gondvan held up his hand to silence her. They are the lost ones; travellers lost in a Gondwana Adventure. They are trapped in Fairytale Realm.

Oh, I heard about Fairytale Realm from Mop, the clown.

Gondvan nodded. "Fairytale Realm is part of their adventure. They must return to General Realm and complete their journey. If they